The benefits of owning a therapy dog are vast and differ for each person. There are many reasons to find a trained therapy dog for sale. Whether you need a dog to help in a stressful environment or require the comforting companionship of a trained adult dog, there are many reasons to adopt a therapy dog.

Therapy dogs provide comfort and support to people going through a tough time. They can be beneficial in hospitals, schools, animal-assisted therapy, and other places where people need emotional help. If you’re considering adopting a therapy dog, there are a few things you need to know.

At Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, we work with each client to find the perfect companion that suits their needs. If you’re unsure how to start the adoption process, Rolling Meadows is here to help.

Why Adopt a Therapy Dog?

There are many reasons why people adopt therapy dogs. Some adopt therapy dogs because they want to help others, while others embrace them because they’re looking for a furry friend to provide emotional support.

Therapy Dogs Can Provide the Following Benefits:

  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased feelings of well-being
  • Improved mental health
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decreased anxiety
  • Enhanced social interactions
  • And much more!

No matter your reasons, it’s essential to do your research before you adopt a therapy dog.

Here are five steps to consider during the adoption process.

1. Find the Right Therapy Dog Organization

The first step is to find a reputable therapy dog organization. There are many of these organizations, and they all have different requirements for adoption. You’ll need to fill out an application, and the organization will review your qualifications.

Before choosing an institution, make sure you conduct ample research to receive a trained therapy dog for sale that meets your expectations. Scour the internet for different dog training academies and read reviews. This will give you a good sense of people’s experiences. Additionally, ask friends and family members for recommendations. Word of mouth can be the best way to understand how the institution works and the quality of their trained adult dogs.

During the application process, ask plenty of questions as you consider your options. At Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, our team is always happy to answer your questions to ensure you have a flawless experience.

Once you’ve applied, you may need to supply a doctor’s note stating that you’re ready to adopt therapy dogs. The process has begun—you’re ready to find the perfect trained therapy dogs for sale!

2. Find the Best Therapy Dog for You

The second step is to find a dog that is a good fit for you and your family. Not all dogs are suitable for therapy work, and the organization will help you find a dog that is a good match for your lifestyle and personality.

When you adopt therapy dogs, it’s important to remember that these animals will be living with you full-time. Make sure you select a dog that is compatible with your routine and daily activities. If you have young children, for example, make sure the dog is good with kids.

Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training specializes in finding the ideal companion for each customer. If you’re unsure how to begin the adoption procedure, Rolling Meadows will guide you through the process. We start by having a long phone conversation with you. to understand precisely what type of trained adult dog will fit in your life.

Once we know what you’re looking for, Rolling Meadows will search for the best candidate to train. Temperament, breed, and other qualifications you specify. Therapy dogs can be shelter dogs, part of a rescue group, or purebred— they can come from anywhere—the dog’s disposition and potential matter most when considering possible matches. 

The best way to adopt therapy dogs is to visit a training academy and meet the dogs available for adoption. This will give you a good sense of which dog would best fit your family. The organization could already have a great option available, or they may have to look for a dog. Either way, you should be paired with an excellent match.

When you adopt therapy dogs, it’s crucial to ensure they are well-trained and certified. If you’re looking for a reliable and well-trained pet, consider adopting a therapy dog from Rolling Meadows.

Therapy dogs provide love, comfort, and companionship to people in need. If you’re considering adopting therapy dogs, Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training can help you find the perfect pet for your family. With plenty of experience in the business, Rolling Meadows is one of the country’s most reputable dog training academies in North Carolina.

3. Training Process: Adopt Therapy Dogs

If you adopt therapy dogs, the next step is to undergo a rigorous obedience training program that includes positive reinforcement and exposure to multiple settings. This process will ensure that your dog is comfortable and confident in its new role.

Not all dogs are suited for therapy work. Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training can help you find the right dog for your family and lifestyle. Our team of experts will help you select an animal compatible with your disposition and daily routine. We want to ensure that the dog’s personality meets your own.

Once you’ve chosen the right working dog, the next step is to begin the training process. Therapy dogs are selected mainly for their social temperament and calm demeanor.

Therapy Training Requirements for Adult Trained Dogs

Not all dogs are suited to be therapy animals. In order to adopt a therapy dog, the animal must meet specific requirements. The dog must be friendly and approachable, have a good temperament, and be comfortable in various environments. The animal must also be properly trained and certified.

Trained Therapy Dogs for Sale Can:

  • Provide comfort to those recovering from a tragedy.
  • Assist medical practitioners in delivering mental and physical therapy to their patients.
  • Give emotional support to someone who has lost a loved one.
  • Provide support to kids and adults when giving statements or testimonials in court.
  • Assist individuals with learning difficulties.
  • Assist in reading programs for children.
  • Reduce anxiety in children and adults with dental phobias.
  • Unconditional acceptance to all people they come in contact with.
  • And more!

In addition to all of the previous levels of training, Rolling Meadows’ trained therapy dogs for sale are ready to be evaluated for their AKC Urban CGC. The CGC test compares the dog’s ability to detect and react in public settings similar to those found in a city or town.

The AKC Urban CGC title is earned by dogs that pass a ten-step test of abilities that they must obtain to obtain the official AKC Urban CGC certification.

When you adopt therapy dogs, you want to ensure you’re receiving a superbly trained adult dog that can perform all tasks required. Rolling Meadows offers trained therapy dogs for sale that are ready to provide love and support to those in need.

4. Delivery of Your Trained Therapy Dog for Sale

Once training is complete, the dog owner is ready to be united with their therapy animal! At Rolling Meadows, we have a comprehensive process that ensures success with your trained adult dog.

Our team will travel to meet you in the early evening and get your dog acquainted with your family and any other pets you may have. We then take the dog on a thorough tour of your property, after which we feed them and establish a toilet area in a predetermined location outside.

Over the following two to three days, we’ll teach you the Obedience and Petiquette commands in classes. We hold two training sessions per day, and each session lasts about one to three hours each session. You will learn how to interact with your therapy animal through obedience and consistency during these sessions.

Any inquiries you or your family may have will be answered. Because the instructions are explained gradually, you and your dog are not overwhelmed. By the end of training sessions, you’ll be able to comfortably communicate with your new companion, and they will comply with your commands.

Now it’s time to enjoy your therapy dog and begin bonding!

5. Registration After You Adopt Therapy Dogs

The fifth and final step is to register with a therapy dog organization, allowing your dog to start providing support to people in need.

Keep in mind your Therapy Dog won’t be a Service Dog, and they don’t gain the same benefits or access through the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). However, they will skillfully navigate social settings with grace—efficiently fulfilling their role as a facility therapy dog if needed.

After your Emotional Support Animal is trained, it should be ready for registration. Your dog should be registered by a qualified organization and pass a certification test. They’ll demonstrate their ability to behave as a therapy dog during this test. If your dog can pass the Canine Good Citizen test, that’s a good indication they’re ready for registration. 

Therapy dogs can provide immense relief to people suffering from various mental health conditions. They are also known to help improve the overall morale of people in hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities. If you are looking to adopt therapy dogs for your home or office, it’s never too early to start the process.


Are you ready to adopt a therapy dog that’s the perfect fit for your lifestyle? Start an application with Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training today!