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Milo, Level Two

Milo's home is in Washington DC. He has a great time playing with his family and all the other children and dogs in the neighborhood. He is a very handsome Lab mix.

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About Milo

  • Level Two Trained
  • Family has Children
I highly recommend Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training.  They perform a wonderful service rescuing dogs who would face an uncertain future and matching them with families.  We adopted Milo, a golden/lab mix, from Rolling Meadows about 5 years ago.  We were nervous because he was our first dog and we had 3 small girls.  Barbara was wonderful throughout the process.  She listened to our needs and concerns and suggested Milo as a possible fit immediately.  We appreciated that Milo was fully housebroken and command trained when he came to us.  Barbara’s dedication is also remarkable – she delivered Milo to us, spent time training us, and helped get Milo acclimated to his forever home.  Milo continues to be a gentleman and a huge part of our family.  We can’t thank Rolling Meadows or Barbara enough.
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