About Adult Trained Dogs

Adult Trained Dogs

Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training has placed our Adult Trained Dogs with happy clients nationally and internationally since 1995.

Our dogs are a great match for families with children, active professionals, empty nesters and older adults, who need companionship.

We take the guess work out of bringing an adult dog into your home. Each dog is thoroughly temperament tested with children and other animals. We also go to great lengths to ensure each dog is comfortable and well-behaved in all types of different environments. Then we specifically match every potential owner and their lifestyle to one of our exceptional dogs. When you purchase one of our Adult Trained Dogs, you will know what you are getting from the beginning.

Step 1

Step 1: Finding the Dog of Your Dreams

Rolling Meadows would love the opportunity to match you with the dog of your dreams, a dog that is

  • housetrained and crate trained
  • socialized to be around children, adults, and other animals
  • trained to obey 18 commands in the home and in public
  • a good fit in terms of temperament and activity level for you, your family, and your home

We’ve trained hundreds of Adult Trained Dogs for lucky families and we specialize in making sure that you and your dog are perfect for each other.

Rolling Meadows is the premiere source for Adult Trained Dogs in the United States. We have over two decades of dog training experience, which helps us find and evaluate dogs for our program. We’re looking for dogs that are confident, happy, and people oriented, with a natural desire to please their owner.

Our Adult Trained Dog program saves dogs’ lives. We take both pure-bred and mixed-breed dogs into our training program. Many of these dogs come directly from their original homes; they are well-behaved family pets that are losing their homes because their families are moving or experiencing divorce, serious illness, or job loss. We also network with local humane societies and dog rescues all over North Carolina and the surrounding states to find wonderful dogs that need a new home. All of our Adult Trained Dogs are between one and four years old, and we train a variety of sizes and types of dogs, from a 10-pound Yorkie to a 140-pound English mastiff and everything in between.

We do not bring into our Adult Trained Dog program dogs that have lost their homes due to behavior or health problems. But we do donate our time to many different rescue organizations to help rehabilitate dogs that display behavior problems and then help them find a new home that can properly accommodate their issues.

Every dog brought into the Rolling Meadows Adult Trained Dog program for evaluation is immediately taken for a visit to our veterinarian for a complete physical and vaccinations. They are tested for heartworm and parasites, microchipped, and spayed or neutered if that wasn’t done before they joined our training program. The dogs in our program visit the vet regularly to visit staff and be weighed as well, ensuring that they’ll be well-behaved and calm during vet visits. The week before delivery, each dog visits the vet again for a complete exam to ensure that the dogs are in excellent health.

Step 2

Step 2: Matchmaking and Training

Rolling Meadows has many successful clients who have the time to enjoy and care for a well-trained adult dog but do not have time to housebreak a puppy or train a rescue. We are always on the lookout for special dogs that may be a good match for one of our clients.

Most people don’t know what to look for in a new pet and tend to focus on the look of the dog, choosing a cute, cuddly puppy or a beautiful adult dog. While it is important that you like the look of your dog, that should not be the most important consideration. Many other factors are much more important, including the dog’s temperament, energy level, and suitability for your home. Those are the primary factors that Rolling Meadows uses to select dogs for the Adult Trained Dog program.

Just as important as finding good dogs for our training program is finding the right dog for each client. A dog that would be a great fit for a very active person or family with a large yard may not be the right match for more sedentary person living in an apartment.

Rolling Meadows has developed a proven method for matching our clients with the right Adult Trained Dog for them.

  • First you will provide us with some very important information by filling out our online application.
  • Then we will talk to you extensively by phone to learn more about what you’re looking for in a dog, your schedule, and your home environment.
  • Next we’ll talk to your references and ask you to send us some photos and videos to help us in the matchmaking and training process.
  • We’ll also give you our references, clients who already have our Adult Trained Dogs in their homes who can tell you all about their experiences working with us.

Once we have a good idea of your needs, we’ll take the time to find the right dog for you. Sometimes we’ll have one already in the training program; other times you might need to wait several weeks or even a few months for the right dog to come along. But trust us, it’s worth the wait for a Rolling Meadows Adult Trained Dog with the right temperament and energy level for you. You’ll have years to love and enjoy your new dog, and none of the frustration of training a puppy or poorly trained rescue. It’s worth your while to be patient and trust our elite matchmaking process.

Once we’ve found the right dog for you, we’ll send you a photo and tell you more about the dog. We’ll tell you why we think this particular dog is a good fit for you, and if you wish to visit Rolling Meadows and meet the dog, you’re welcome to do so. Then we’ll complete the dog’s training.

We carefully screen dogs to find candidates that are a good fit for our Adult Trained Dog program, eliminating dogs that show signs of aggression, obvious health problems, or hard-to-break bad habits. From the moment we find a special dog that meets the criteria of our adult trained dog program, its training begins. Even during the evaluation process the dogs are being trained so we can assess how likely they are to succeed in our rigorous training program and make great companion, therapy, or service dogs for our lucky clients.

Once we start training, we evaluate the dogs continuously, and some dogs do not graduate from the program. Only the best dogs are placed with families through our Adult Trained Dog program. We find great local homes for dogs that don’t meet our exacting standards during the training process.

Our dogs are exposed to many different home environments to ensure that they are housetrained and will be very well behaved in a variety of home settings. Every dog passes our Petiquette Training, which includes sitting politely for petting, waiting to go through doorways, crate training, and more.

Every dog is also socialized with children, adults, mature adults, and different types of animals. The dogs attend our doggie daycare at least twice each week to spend time with other dogs in a fun but monitored setting.

Many owners think obedience training is teaching your dog tricks like shake or roll over. But obedience training is much more than that—it’s a way to communicate with your dog and build a lasting bond, and it gives dogs the mental stimulation they crave and makes their days more fun. Rolling Meadows Adult Trained Dogs are trained to respond to 18 obedience commands, which they will perform not only in your home but out in public as well. We take each dog to our group proofing classes, which normally have 5-10 other dogs and their owners, to ensure that they learn to perform their commands when there are distractions around. We also take our Adult Trained Dogs to stores, parks, and on other outings. And we will use the information from your application and our phone calls with you to condition your dog to specific things that will be found in its new home environment, like riding on a boat, being around horses, or going to sporting events.

We offer several levels of training, and we will assist you in determining the right level for you and your family.

Step 3

Step 3: Delivery

This is such an important part of our Adult Trained Dog Program. We have learned over the years that our dogs do so much better being introduced to their new home by someone that they trust and respect.
Our delivery process is much more than bringing you a dog and giving you a list of commands. It is all about helping the dog adjust to its new home and teaching you how to communicate with your new companion.

One of our team will arrive in the early evening and introduce the dog to your family and any other pets you may have. Then, we lead the dog on a complete tour through your entire home. We feed them their evening meal as well as establish a potty area in a designated place you will have already chosen outside. We teach you the Obedience and Petiquette commands in a series of training sessions over the next 2 to 3 days. We conduct 2 training sessions per day. Each training session lasts from 1-3 hours per session. During these sessions, you will learn how to communicate with your new pet through obedience and consistency and we will answer any questions you might have. All of the commands are introduced gradually so you and the dog are not overwhelmed. By the end of the training sessions, you will be able to comfortably interact with your new dog and he/she will respond to your commands. We are so confident in our dogs that we even go with you to your veterinarian for a comprehensive health and temperament evaluation.

We have sold and personally delivered dogs to all 50 US States, including Alaska and Hawaii. We have even sold and delivered dogs to Aruba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada. We are now selling and delivering our Adult Trained Dogs to MOST countries.

We do ask that at least one adult set aside the 2 to 3 days to take advantage of the training sessions. Ideally, we prefer for all adults to be involved in as much of the training as possible. We work with you on your schedule to make the transition of your trained dog into your home as stress free as possible. The price of delivery varies depending on the distance and the training level of the dog but the delivery fee is normally $2000.00 + airfare if required.