Our Team

The Rolling Meadows Team of trainers and associates is committed to providing the most effective and current dog/owner training to their clients across the nation. All team members constantly pursue continuing education and professional development in order to ensure their efficacy and success.

Rolling Meadows trainers always put the dogs and owners FIRST and are well respected and referred to by veterinarians and rescue groups across the nation. They have served the community in many ways over the years. In fact, the Rolling Meadows team was selected as the head trainers for the New Leash on Life Program through the NC DPS in Davidson County North Carolina. They have volunteered their time and training to many different rescue organizations across the state. They have taught dog bite prevention seminars for local Boy and Girl Scout groups, YMCAs, schools and churches.

The Lord has truly blessed Rolling Meadows and because of His grace, they will always give back to the community.

Meet the Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training Team