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Adult Trained Dogs

Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training has placed our Adult Trained Dogs with happy clients nationally and internationally since 1995.

Our dogs are a great match for families with children, active professionals, empty nesters and older adults, who need companionship.

We take the guess work out of bringing an adult dog into your home. Each dog is thoroughly temperament tested with children and other animals. We also go to great lengths to insure each dog is comfortable and well behaved in all types of different environments. Then we specifically match every potential owner and their lifestyle to one of our exceptional dogs. When you purchase one of our Adult Trained Dogs, you will know what you are getting from the beginning.

Find the dog of your dreams

(RMADT) provides you with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find the dog of your dreams. We understand how important it is for you to have the very best experience possible with your dog. That’s why Allen and Barbara are personally involved in the selection, training, and delivery of each and every dog.

Making sure that you and your dog are the perfect match for each other is our personal commitment to you. “Our Goal Is To Get It Right The First Time”.

Purchasing a trained dog provides you with the benefit of knowing that:

  • the selection process of your dog has been professionally acquired.
  • the dog has had specialized training to suit your needs. (obedience, manners, personalized owner training, and house breaking).
  • the dog has had proper socialization.
  • proper mannerisms have been instilled.

Priced between $6,000 and $20,000, each dog is hand selected, trained and delivered by  Barbara or one of our professional trainers producing a result that is far beyond customary dog training. These amazing dogs are well-versed in Petiquette (doggie manners) and exceptionally well-trained companion dogs like you have never imagined. Purchasing a Trained Adult Pet Dog from Rolling Meadows Academy will place you among an elite group of dog owners with an outstanding dog partner that will be the envy of all your friends.

We believe it is important to start your pet dog relationship out right with a well-trained adult dog that you can enjoy with confidence.  Our dogs are trained to be attentive and obedient to their owners under distractions. Our dogs have a solid foundation and in-depth knowledge of more than 18 commands and exercises, and are ready to go upon delivery.  Our dogs are trained to be attentive and obedient to their owner.

Owners of our Trained Adult Pet Dogs enjoy a greater level of communication and fun with their dogs because of the time we put into every dog.  Our Trained Adult Pet Dogs are exposed to the types of distractions, environments, experiences, and obstacles you want your dog to be able to handle.  Our goal is to produce highly trained, dependable canine good citizens that you can enjoy and be confident in anywhere. All dogs are tested and trained with children, adults and the elderly.  They are trained around cats and other types of farm animals.  They attend doggie play sessions with up to 15 other dogs twice a week while in training.  They are trained in many different environments including traffic, crossing city streets, walking on side walks, busy parking lots, pet stores, vet’s offices, retirement homes, etc. The end result is a calm, trustworthy dog you can be proud of. They are exposed to car rides, hotels, elevators, wheelchairs, loud noises and more.  We expose our Trained Adult Pet Dogs to as many distractions as we can while they are in training and while on the road during delivery.  We challenge our dogs so that you can feel comfortable taking them anywhere.  Owning a dog should not be a hassle, we strive to provide the best possible match with every dog we sale and back you, with life time email and phone support.

One of the most unique aspects of our trained adult pet dogs program is that it saves dogs, both pure bred and mixed breed adult pet dogs.  We network with local humane societies and other dog rescues all over North Carolina and surrounding states. We are inspected by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and licensed as a full service boarding kennel.  All of our dogs are hand selected, and temperament tested personally by us. We also accept many privately donated dogs.

All of our dogs receive appropriate veterinary testing and care. This includes spay or neuter, all appropriate health vaccines, rabies vaccine, heart worm test, heart worm preventative and worming. No dog leaves the program intact (meaning not spayed or neutered) regardless of breed, registered or unregistered.  They are micro-chipped and receive a professional teeth cleaning by our vet just prior to delivery.

Training Adult Dogs For Over 23 Years

With over 23 years of experience training more than 8000 thousand dogs and owners improve their relationship through communication with each other, we pride ourselves on how we use this information to match people with a dog that fits their needs and lifestyle.  Not only do we have an eye for choosing the best pet dogs, but we also have a practiced ability to match pet dogs with people.

Our personal delivery and hands-on training was designed to get your relationship with your dog off to a perfect start.

The training each dog receives covers many aspects. First, the program is an intensive socialization program. All dogs are socialized with children, adults and the elderly.  All dogs attend our doggie daycare center twice each week.  Each dog performs obedience commands in group training for distractions.  Each dog is Petiquette (manners) trained.  Petiquette Training includes sit politely for petting, wait to go through doorways, crate training and more.

We personally introduce the dog into your home, your family and other pets. We teach you the Obedience and Petiquette commands in a series of training sessions over a 2-3 day period depending on the training level of the dog.  We conduct 2 training sessions per day.  Each training session lasts from 1-3 hours per session.  We are so confident of our dogs that we even go with you to your veterinarian for a comprehensive health and temperament evaluation when we personally deliver your dog to your hometown.  We have sold and personally delivered dogs to all 50 US States, including Alaska and Hawaii.  We have sold and delivered dogs to Aruba, Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canad.  We are now selling and delivering our Trained Adult Pet Dogs to MOST countries.

Our Trained Adult Pet Dog are in high demand for families with children, companions for the elderly, empty nesters and for people who just wish to have a great family pet without the hassle of hundreds of hours of raising and training a dog themselves.  If you are looking for a high quality pet rescue dog without the hassle of raising a puppy and wondering what you will eventually end up with, look no further.  When you purchase one of our Trained adult Pet Dogs™ you will know what you are getting from the beginning.

Find Your Adult Trained Dog