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Marty RichardsonMarty RichardsonDog Training & Match Making at it’s Best

I believe the story I am about to tell is important to anyone that is seriously looking for a service dog. There are many dog training schools, all well educated in the art of taking a misfit, rescue dog or even a thoroughbred breed to a high level of obedience. But what my wife and I discovered is that the mark of an extraordinary dog training school is not the dog training job, it is the Owner/ Trainer’s intuitive knowledge and experience to match the personality of the trained dog with the owner’s personality. This is where the magic happens!

My son, James, was in a car accident when he was 10 (he is now 29) with anoxic brain damage. James wanted a German Shepherd and we thought this would be the best breed to suit his needs. James, however, does not have an alpha personality and Rolling Meadows Academy tried to gently tell us that a German Shepherd would try and take control of his owner unless the owner was a “take charge and take control person”. Of course, we did not listen, so Barbara Simpson/ Owner and Trainer Rolling Meadows Academy did exactly what we asked and found James a beautiful female German Shepherd (Stella). It wasn’t too long before we discovered that no matter how well trained the German Shepherd was, she would learn quickly to take advantage of James whenever she could. James got frustrated and it became clear that Stella (although a magnificently smart and beautiful German Shepherd dog) was not the dog for James.

Without any hesitation and no, “I told you so moments”, Barbara Simpson, Rolling Meadow’s Owner/ Trainer told us that she would keep looking until she found the perfect match based on what she had learned about James’ personality. Barbara found a wonderful home for Stella, the and although It took awhile, one day Barbara called us to say that she had the perfect dog for James…a year and a half old, Golden Doodle male dog called Skiff. This dog was the absolutely perfect match for James…laid back, sweet, smart, patient and loyal. When the heart of an animal matches totally with the heart of his master, then wonderful things happen. My wife and I fell in love with Skiff too and we enjoyed keeping Skiff and taking him on long walks as much as James did. I found out very quickly just how loyal Skiff was to James one afternoon when I took hold of his leash. Even though I had control, Skiff pulled me over so that he could walk closely beside James.

Want just a trained dog… go to the internet and I am sure you will find a bunch of Dog Training Services; but if you want a professional service that is passionate about matching the heart and personality of the dog with the heart and personality of its owner, call Rolling Meadows Academy. You will not only find a great dog, but you will form a long lasting and personal friendship with the owner, a value-add benefit that will extend way beyond your business relationship.


Marty, David, James and Skiff Richardson
Charleston, SC

Amy WilkinsAmy Wilkins

Four years ago I purchased my first dog from (RMADT). At the time, I purchased a level 2 dog. A year and a half later, I sent Sandy back to their facility for further training as a service dog. Two months later Sandy was returned to me as a service dog to help me with my mobility issues. Now, I have an excellent companion dog in the house, and an excellent working dog outside of the home. Seven months ago, I purchased my second dog from (RMADT). With the second dog, I was looking for a small dog that would be a level 4 trained dog and a companion for my young daughter. Once again, Barbara was able to find the perfect dog for us.

Not only do the two dogs get along perfectly, she has proven to be an invaluable part of our family as well. I am so pleased with the services provided by your company. I am more than willing to share my experience with any of your clients who may be looking to purchase a service dog or a highly trained adult pet dog. Please feel free to share my email address with anyone that is interested in your services and would like to speak with me.

Amy Wilkins

Amy WilkinsAmy Wilkins

To anyone considering purchasing a dog from (RMADT):

I purchased a dog (Sandy) from (RMADT) five (4 years ago. I would like to share my personal experience during this process with anyone else that may have questions or concerns about this company, its representatives, or the services they provide.

First, I would like to give you a little background information about my particular situation. I am a single parent of a
young child. I have cerebral palsy. I am mobile. However, I do have extreme difficulty with balance. I did not need a service dog. However, I did need a very special dog. I started my journey looking for the “perfect” dog for my
situation seven (5) years ago. I had searched every possible web site involving trained dogs. The moment I found (RMADT's) web site; I knew it was different than the rest. I knew I had found something special. Barbara spent an incredible amount of time on the phone with me so that she could have a very clear picture of my situation. Matching the right dog to the right family is the key ingredient to this process. If you are willing to wait for the right dog, you will not be disappointed.

(RMADT) offers dogs at various training levels to meet different needs. I purchased a level 2
dog. Once your dog has been chosen, an appointment is set to deliver the dog. This service is priceless. When they bring the dog into your home they do the following: introduce him/her to family members (including other pets), introduce him/her to every area of the house, and establish a potty area. Then they begin a series of training sessions. During these sessions, you will practice with your dog. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. There is a definite routine for each day. It is presented gradually so that you are not overwhelmed by everything at once. By the end of all of the sessions, you will be able to comfortably interact with your dog. I have been extremely pleased with Sandy’s performance. She waits at every door way for me to pass through safely first. She remains in a down stay while I am cooking so that I will not trip on her. She NEVER jumps up, or compromises my balance in any way. She does not bother any of my daughter’s toys. She does not chew or mess with anything on the floor. She has never had an accident in the house. I was surprised by how well the commands transferred to me. The dog's are not trained to only respond to one person. Sandy responds to the commands of my seven year old daughter.

You may say to yourself, this sounds too good to be true. The truth is my experience has really been that pleasant and enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend (RMADT) to anyone searching for a Trained Adult Dog.

Amy Wilkins


Hi Babara,

I am sending you some pictures of Keno.  We are now located in China. Those pictures are from Keno's 4 year old birthday party. We bought him a new bed.  Keno is doing great.

wishes to all of you!


Becky EverhartBecky Everhart

To whom it may concern:

Several years ago a dog owner in our county was taken to court on charges of animal abuse. He had attached the shepherd that he no longer wanted to the back of his pick-up truck and proceeded to drive away. The dog survived, with injuries. The collar that had grown into his neck caused the skin to be pulled off, and the pads of his feet were torn off as he was dragged behind the vehicle. After the court trial, the dog was given to another owner, but unfortunately, this person did not provide adequately for the dog's needs and he became very difficult to control. The Humane Society of Davidson County was finally able to take possession of him, and immediately called on Allen and Barbara Simpson for help in changing the dog's unacceptable behaviors. If
anyone could give this dog a second chance at life, they could. The dog received weeks of on-site training from them, and the change was remarkable. Today, he lives his life happily with a human and dog family, where he enjoys his very own sofa.

In 2006, the Humane Society was asked by the North Piedmont Correctional Center for Women to participate in the "New Leash on Life" program in which selected inmates are paired with dogs in need of a permanent home. The inmates learn how to train the dogs over a period of eight weeks, thereby learning a skill they can take with them when they leave the facility, and the dogs learn the behaviors they need to be a successful part of a human family. One of the Humane Society's major responsibilities is to provide the trainer for the program, and again, our first hope was the Simpson's. They agreed to take on this challenging but rewarding task and have
successfully provided the training at the prison since the program began in our county. We are indebted to Barbara and Allen for both their expertise in dog training and their compassion for people and animals.

Becky Everhart
Humane Society of Davidson County



I took Keno for vacation in China. He is in Shanghai and will be visiting many cities later. He might become a therapy dog when he passes his exam. He is being so loved by everyone around him. His obedience training is perfect and he can be walked off-leash in many parks. He will be spending his first Chinese New Year in China, he is still getting use to the fireworks in Shanghai, it's so loud for him!

We attended some dog events, and he almost won every obedience competition. During the event, a TV producer is very interested in Keno and asked for him to be in a TV commercial.

I took international connection flight with Keno. Plus the connection and waiting time, that was a total almost 29 hours. Keno didn't pee or poop at all. I am so worried because he is always trying to be the best boy and so obedient. He is truly a sweet heart. Now my parents which are both retired will buy a house in countryside and Keno might move that beautiful place next year!

Happy New Year,

Donna P. ShaferDonna P. Shafer

A few years ago I mentioned to my friend that my family wanted a dog.  Between kids and work, I had no idea where we would find time to train one, and I wasn’t too keen on bringing a puppy into our newly remodeled house.  My friend suggested an adult trained dog from Rolling Meadows Academy.  Both of her dogs are from Rolling Meadows, and she is extraordinarily happy with them.

I talked it over with my family and contacted Barbara to start the process. Barbara called me back one evening to say she had the perfect dog for us; Delilah, a Great Dane! Honestly, I thought she was joking. My family was 100% in Barbara’s camp, but hearing my hesitation,  Barbara suggested we take Delilah for a 2 week trial period. By the end of those 2 weeks, we were all completely in love with Delilah, and I was wondering why I had ever hesitated.

First and foremost, Delilah has a very sweet and loving way about her. She is very good with our kids, their friends, and other dogs in the neighborhood, and she is consistently just so happy to see us. Barbara is something of a dog whisperer and selects only good natured dogs or her training program. But I also believe Barbara imparts a bit of her nurturing soul into the dogs she trains. I’ve now met several of  Barbara’s dogs, and so I know this is not unique to Delilah.

Delilah is also beautifully trained. We are constantly complimented on her behavior when we have her out for walks or in other public venues.  And, when guests are in our home, they always remark that they cannot believe how quickly and willingly Delilah responds to voice commands.

I am just so glad that Barbara was patient and gave me a chance to say YES to Delilah.

Donna P. Shafer
Managing Director


Senator, Stan BinghamSenator, Stan Bingham

Six years ago Allen and Barbara Simpson Imported us a German Shepherd Dog.  We had requested that the dog have specific traits.  We have been extremely happy with this dog and she has never disappointed us.  She is as requested, the perfect combination  of Guard Dog and Pet.  She is healthy, smart, loving and beautiful.  We are  grateful to the Simpson's resourcefulness in finding us the perfect dog.

Senator, Stan Bingham

Senator, Stan BinghamSenator, Stan Bingham

To whom it may concern:

Allen and Barbara  Simpson of Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, LLC have had a thriving  business in the Denton, NC area for over 13 years.  During this time, they have  been innovators and leaders in developing new programs for dogs that benefit all  levels of community, people and the dogs.  Other than the usual services of a  kennel such as boarding, grooming and training dogs both for police and private  citizens, the Simpson's have also created special programs.  Early they started  one of North Carolina's first "Doggie Day Cares" to help socialize and exercise  dogs for their owners.  They created two volunteer programs; the first, "New  Leash On Life" allows inmates to train rescued dogs from the Humane Society and  other sources that are then adopted.  The other, a "Dog Fun Fair" raises money  for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation.  They have also created another  program "Trained Adult Pet Dogs For Sale" in which
rescued dogs are trained in  their obedience program and then sold to owners across the Nation.  These  programs, training rescued dogs, save the dogs and reduce the cost of  maintaining the animal shelter.

The Simpson's have been a valuable asset to the community and because of their devotion to
dogs, they have giving dogs, that would have been destroyed, a chance at a full life and given the inmates a feeling of worth.

Stan Bingham