Whether it’s due to an anxiety disorder, mental illness, or another medical condition that effectively causes emotional difficulty, more and more people are turning to particular types of dogs for assistance. Most already know of guide dogs or hearing dogs, but did you know there is a variety of different types of Emotional Support Dogs?

Emotional Support Animals should be adept at reading human emotions—you want a companion that will be in tune with you. When you’re searching for an emotional support dog, certain breeds are ideal candidates. You’re looking for a breed that’s highly trainable and calm. 

Depending on the owner’s lifestyle, it’s best to find a trained adult dog that isn’t high maintenance with a lot of energy. At Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, we train dogs of all sizes and breeds to meet your needs.

Here are 10 types of emotional support dogs.

1. Golden Retriever

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the United States due to their friendliness and patient nature. Anyone who’s looking for a loving, trained adult dog will undoubtedly find a good friend in a golden retriever! 

Because of this, they’re a perfectly trainable breed for emotional support. Golden retrievers do require a moderate to a heavy level of exercise, however. The owner should be comfortable with catering to their energy needs.

Golden Retriever Information:

  • 65-75 pounds
  • 22-24 inches tall
  • Wavy or straight golden hair
  • Sheds often (requires regular brushing)
  • Active lifestyle
  • Characteristics: Loyal, intelligent, playful, gentle

2. Corgi

There’s a lot more to love about corgis than their adorable short-statured appearance. Corgis are excellent dogs for children and adults. They’re reasonably active dogs, but their nature is sweet and affectionate. 

Corgis are a great choice as an ESA due to their trainable, even-tempered nature. If you’re looking for a trained adult dog for sale, the corgi may be the best type of emotional support dog for you.

Corgi Information:

  • Up to 30 pounds in weight
  • 10-12 inches tall
  • Short and long
  • Colors include black, red, fawn, sable, and tan, with white markings.
  • Characteristics: loyal, even-tempered, sweet

3. Yorkshire Terrier

If you’re looking for a trained lapdog for sale, a Yorkie is the perfect cuddle buddy. They’re a low energy dog that doesn’t require a lot of exercise, making them an ideal match for owners living in apartments or unable to participate in excessive walks. They’re happiest when they have physical contact with their owners. Because of their affectionate, loving energy, they’re ideal Emotional Support Animals.

Yorkshire Terrier Information:

  • 4-7 pounds in weight
  • 8-9 inches tall
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Characteristics: loving, intelligent, loyal

4. Chihuahua

With the proper training, a chihuahua can be one of the most versatile types of emotional support dogs. Like Yorkies, they’re small and easy to transport. They don’t require much exercise and thrive in an environment entailing a lot of cuddling.

However, before choosing a chihuahua, make sure that you have the time to devote to them. They’re ever-loyal companions, but they don’t like to be left alone. 

Additionally, be aware that many chihuahuas aren’t fans of children or other animals. This companion dog for sale has a lot of personality and makes an affectionate Emotional Support Animal—perfect for someone suffering from depression who needs an attentive aide.

Chihuahua Information:

  • Up to 6 pounds in weight
  • 5-8 inches in tall
  • Smooth or long coat
  • Coat colors: black, tan, and more
  • Characteristics: affectionate, loyal, needy

5. Labrador Retriever

Labradors are a popular breed for a reason—they’re great with kids and families and are incredibly gentle. Labs love to please their owners and are an amicable breed. 

If you’re looking for a well-rounded companion to be by your side, this is the type of emotional support dog to train.

Labrador Retriever Information:

  • 55-80 pounds in weight
  • 22-25 inches tall for males, 20 inches tall for females
  • Wavy or straight coat hair types
  • Colors include black, chocolate, yellow.
  • Characteristics: friendly, loving, loyal

Are you looking for a trained companion dog for sale? Start an application today to find your ideal Emotional Support Animal!

6. Beagle

Beagle’s make versatile trained adult dogs that  will love you for years to come. When looking for the best type of emotional support dog, it’s essential to find a dog that will fit your lifestyle. Beagles can be either energetic or calm, making them an excellent option for both personality types.

Beagle Information:

  • 20-24 pounds in weight (males are heavier)
  • 13-16 inches tall (males are taller)
  • Colors include white and tan, chocolate, tri-color, red and white, and orange and white.
  • Characteristics: Even-tempered, gentle, friendly

7. Collie

Collies are loyal protectors and will work adamantly to make sure you’re happy and secure. These types of emotional support dogs are tuned into human emotions and eager to please. 

If you enjoy an active lifestyle, collies are the optimally trained adult dogs for you.

Collie Information:

  • 50-75 pounds in weight
  • 22-26 inches tall
  • Rough or smooth coat
  • Coat colors include blue merle, sable and white, and more!
  • Characteristics: Protective, friendly, loyal

8. Pomeranian

As lap dogs, Pomeranians are loving poof balls that aren’t afraid to show affection. Pomeranians will give you ample attention and become your best friend. They’re the type of emotional support dogs ideal for those needing extra physical contact and connection.

Pomeranian Information:

  • 3-7 pounds in weight
  • 7-12 inches tall
  • Colors include: red, orange, brown, black, white, gray.
  • Characteristics: Loving, playful, friendly, social

9. Poodle

Do you need an extremely intelligent type of emotional support dog? If so, poodles are the answer. They’re trained adult dogs that develop close bonds with their owners and are easy to train due to their apt minds. Poodles come in a range of sizes, from miniature to standard.

Poodle Information:

  • 45-70 pounds in weight (depending on the type)
  • Height depends on poodle type (toy poodle being the smallest and standard poodle the biggest)
  • Colors: Black, white, apricot, cream, sable, silver, grey, black and white, blue, red, brown
  • Characteristics: Intelligent, trainable, loyal

10. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Spaniels are trained companion dogs for sale that are low-energy, quiet, and mellow. These trained adult dogs are adorable, love to cuddle, and have the sweetest temperament. If your activities are limited due to mental or physical health, this breed is a great option.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Information:

  • 13-18 pounds in weight
  • 12-13 inches tall
  • Medium-length coat
  • Colors: black and white, black and tan, and more!

If you’re searching for a fantastic companion to keep you company, any of these types of emotional support dogs are a great choice. When you’re looking for an Emotional Support Animal, it’s best to find a breed that isn’t too dependent or aloof. The top breeds are those that develop close bonds with their owners and provide physical affection.

When choosing a trained companion dog for sale, finding the breed that fits your lifestyle is crucial. If you enjoy an active lifestyle, you should pick a breed that is ready and able to accompany you on many types of activities. On the other hand, if your life right now isn’t very physical and busy, choose a calm and easy-to-care-for breed.

Always make sure to research any types of emotional support dogs, breeds, and their characteristics before committing to a dog that will significantly impact your life. 

Your decision should be carefully thought out and made after much consideration for a lasting bond to develop between the two of you. Rolling Meadows is aware of this important bond, which is why we have a thorough match-making adoption process.

Are you looking for a trained companion dog for sale? Rolling Meadows proudly trains many types of emotional support dogs that will serve you well for years to come. Contact us for more information about our elite training program!