If you’re interested in service dogs, you may be wondering where to start your search. With so many different breeds and types, it can be hard to decide what dog will best suit your needs. In this blog, we’ll cover different types of service dogs to help you discover the perfect companion for your lifestyle. 

Service Dogs are more than just a pet, and they help people with physical impairments like blindness or mobility difficulties by assisting them in their day-to-day lives. For example, they may assist veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety by performing specific tasks they learned during training.

A Service Dog for sale is not your average animal – it has been trained over time to perform tasks such as:

  • Opening doors
  • Pulling up chairs
  • Fetching items off of shelves
  • Activating electronic devices
  • Turning on/off lights
  • Working TVs or appliances
  • Helping people up if they fall
  • Recognizing symptoms of an impending medical crisis before it happens and drawing attention to it.

The primary purpose of a service dog is to provide the person with whatever specific physical, sensory, medical, safety, or other help is needed at any given moment.

Rolling Meadow Academy of Dog Training teaches different types of service dogs from various breeds and sizes to meet your demands. Once we understand what you want, we’ll ensure your dog is trained to obey individual directives and complete specific activities. We’re dedicated to matching you with the ideal canine that will be your devoted companion.

If you’re wondering which type of service dogs for sale are right for you and the benefits they offer, here are eight  different types of service dogs. 

1. Guide Dogs

Guide dogs can help their owners navigate through unfamiliar places, crowded areas, and busy streets easily. These animals are trained so that people who suffer from visual impairments will find their destination while avoiding obstacles on the way there.

Guide Dogs offer the following benefits:
  • Improve socializing abilities
  • Improve your physical safety
  • Allow for unrestricted movement in huge areas
  • Provide a feeling of self-reliance.
  • Assist during travel

2. Psychiatric Service Dog

Psychiatric Service Dogs can be a life-changing opportunity for people who suffer from mental health conditions like PTSD, anxiety disorders, or depression. They bring their owners peace of mind by sensing when they are becoming anxious and helping during an episode, so it’s less overwhelming to experience on your own.

A Psychiatric service dog works in tandem with the human partner— much like how emotional support animals do, but also serves as a right hand protector with public access that alerts you about impending attacks beforehand.

Tasks of a Psychiatric Service Dog:
  • Retrieves medicine
  • Interrupts panic attacks
  • Paws at the owner’s leg when breathing increases
  • Opens fridge
  • Fetches water
  • Applies Deep Pressure Therapy (the dog applies its warmth and like a weighted blanket)
  • When the owner is crying or having a flashback, the dog pushes his hands out of the way.
  • Alerts to anxious behaviors

3. Autism Assistance Dogs

When looking at different types of service dogs, Autism Assistance Dogs are an invaluable tool for people with autism spectrum disorders. They provide support and companionship when you need it most, calming down meltdowns or providing comfort during emergencies such as medical treatments that could be difficult without their help.

In the event of an emergency, these service dogs for sale can find a family member to help.

Autism Assistance Dogs Benefits:
  • Provides a loyal companion
  • Helps children sleep 
  • Teaches responsibility
  • Interactive commands promote communication 
  • Assists with transitions (keeping individuals secure and steady in new surroundings)

4. Mobility Assistance Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs are trained to assist their handlers in a wheelchair or on foot as they move. They understand their owner’s capabilities and when it’s too hard or dangerous for them to perform a task. These service dogs for sale in NC are invaluable during doctor’s appointments, everyday errands, or traveling.

If you’re evaluating different types of service dogs and you suffer from mobility issues, these dogs could be the answer.

Mobility Assistance Dogs:
  • Pick up objects that the owners drop.
  • Turn lights on and off
  • Open and close doors
5. Diabetes Alert Dog

Diabetes Alert Dogs can detect when their owner’s blood sugar levels change. They will nudge or offer a sugary drink to their owner, preventing them from slipping into a coma.

These service dogs for sale in NC provide a layer of safety to those who have diabetes and their families.

Some benefits of owning a Diabetes Alert Dog are:
  • A decrease in emergency room visits
  • Potentially longer life span
  • Promote blood sugar readings/well-being
  • Improved mental health due to the dog’s companionship
  • Reduced stress

Are you looking for trained dogs for sale in NC? Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training is the best way to ensure you gain a perfect service dog for sale. Don’t take our word for it—check out our client testimonials!

6. Hearing Dogs

These service dogs for sale help people who are hearing impaired. Hearing dogs will alert their owners to various sounds like oven timers, doorbells, and smoke alarms. The dog will nudge and nip the person’s leg until they turn and face the direction of where the sound is coming from. Hearing dogs can be beneficial to someone who is hearing impaired.

Some benefits of owning a Hearing Dog are:
  • Increased safety
  • Promotes independence
  • Prevents dangerous accidents or injuries by being alerted to the sound of an oven timer, smoke alarm, etc.
  • Improves mental health due to the dog’s companionship
Hearing Dogs can:
  • Assist with hearing loss
  • Provide safety alerts
  • Improve communication skills through commands
  • Replace the sound with a soothing, familiar touch.

7. Seizure Alert/Response Dog

Seizure Dogs are sometimes divided into two different types of service dogs: a response dog and an alert dog. Seizure Dogs are a special breed of dog equipped with all the necessary tools to ensure their owner’s safety. They will bark, nudge or lick an owner on the face before they have had any seizure, so they have time to get somewhere safe. 

Afterward, the Seizure Response Dog will assist by calling for help/staying with them until help arrives, sometimes barking loudly enough where others can hear.

If you consider different types of service dogs, a Seizure Alert Dog or Response Dog may be an excellent option for a service dog for sale in NC.

Some benefits of owning different types of service dogs/Seizure Dogs:
  • The dog will provide companionship and support
  • Promote independence
  • Reduce anxiety and stress levels
  • Prevent injuries and dangerous accidents
  • The dog can sense an oncoming seizure and provide a warning before it occurs
Seizure Alert Dog:
  • Warns owner of an oncoming seizure
  • Assists during a seizure
Seizure Response Dog:
  • Assists owner during and after a seizure
  • Calls for help when needed

8. Allergy Detection Dogs

Allergy Detection Dogs can sniff out allergens that may be harmful to their owners. The dog will alert the owner once they have discovered the scent, allowing them to avoid the allergen. If you have a severe allergy, an Allergy Detection Dog is a perfect option when considering different types of service dogs to ensure safety.

Allergy Detection Dogs can provide benefits such as:
  • Improve mental health due to the dog’s companionship
  • Safety and prevention of injuries
  • Provide a sense of security
  • Detects allergens before or even after they have been exposed. Taking steps to avoid an allergen is essential for severely allergic patients!

What Different Types of Service Dogs Does Rolling Meadows Offer?

Choosing the proper assistance dog is not easy – that’s why our team of expert trainers provides a large selection of dogs! Our assistance dogs are trained to assist individuals with their physical and mental health and offer other dependable services.

Types of Trained Dogs for Sale in NC:
  • Service Dogs
  • Adult Trained Dogs
  • Emotional Support Dogs
  • Therapy Dogs

If you’re considering different types of service dogs, Rolling Meadows can help you navigate the selection process. After learning what kind of dog you require, our experienced team can train service dogs for sale that fulfill their needed duties. Our unique adoption process ensures that each dog and owner is perfectly matched for a harmonious companionship. 

At Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, our mission is to help individuals find their perfect service dog for sale in NC. Fill out an application to get started today!