Our Formula

Training dogs in obedience has been our trademark and specialty for over twenty years. Many owners think that obedience training is teaching a dog tricks like shake or roll over. In fact, obedience is training and reinforcing a dog’s ability to be a well-behaved family companion. We want our owners to value every moment spent with their dog. Therefore, we evaluate every new dog that comes into our program to determine their specific strengths and then use obedience training as a way to communicate with them. This communication will help you to form a strong bond and forge a relationship with each other. Not to mention, obedience training is fun! It offers abundant mental stimulation and makes your time together more enjoyable!

Formula Highlights

  • Over twenty years experience
  • This is our specialty
  • Build lasting bond
  • Give your dog mental stimulation
  • Make your dog's day more fun
  • More than training your dog to do tricks