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Keno Level Three

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I took Keno for vacation in China. He is in Shanghai and will be visiting many cities later. He might become a therapy dog when he passes his exam. He is being so loved by everyone around him. His obedience training is perfect and he can be walked off-leash in many parks. He will be spending his first Chinese New Year in China. He is still getting use to the fireworks in Shanghai, it’s so loud for him!

We attended some dog events, and he almost won every obedience competition. During the event, a TV producer was very interested in Keno and asked for him to be in a TV commercial.

I took an international connection flight with Keno. The connection and waiting time was a total of almost 29 hours. Keno didn’t pee or poop at all. I am so worried because he is always trying to be the best boy and so obedient. He is truly a sweet heart. Now my parents who are both retired will buy a house in the countryside and Keno might move to that beautiful place next year!

Happy New Year,

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