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To anyone considering purchasing a dog from (RMADT):

I purchased a dog (Sandy) from (RMADT) five years ago. I would like to share my personal experience during this process with anyone else that may have questions or concerns about this company, its representatives, or the services they provide.

First, I would like to give you a little background information about my particular situation. I am a single parent of a
young child. I have cerebral palsy. I am mobile. However, I do have extreme difficulty with balance. I did not need a service dog. However, I did need a very special dog. I started my journey looking for the “perfect” dog for my situation five years ago. I had searched every possible website involving trained dogs. The moment I found (RMADT’s) website I knew it was different than the rest. I knew I had found something special. Barbara spent an incredible amount of time on the phone with me so that she could have a very clear picture of my situation. Matching the right dog to the right family is the key ingredient to this process. If you are willing to wait for the right dog, you will not be disappointed.

(RMADT) offers dogs at various training levels to meet different needs. I purchased a level 2 dog. Once your dog has been chosen, an appointment is set to deliver the dog. This service is priceless. When they bring the dog into your home they do the following: introduce him/her to family members (including other pets), introduce him/her to every area of the house, and establish a potty area. Then they begin a series of training sessions. During these sessions, you will practice with your dog. You will also have an opportunity to ask any questions that you might have. There is a definite routine for each day. It is presented gradually so that you are not overwhelmed by everything at once. By the end of all of the sessions, you will be able to comfortably interact with your dog. I have been extremely pleased with Sandy’s performance. She waits at every door way for me to pass through safely first. She remains in a down stay while I am cooking so that I will not trip on her. She NEVER jumps up, or compromises my balance in any way. She does not bother any of my daughter’s toys. She does not chew or mess with anything on the floor. She has never had an accident in the house. I was surprised by how well the commands transferred to me. The dog’s are not trained to only respond to one person. Sandy responds to the commands of my seven year old daughter.

You may say to yourself, this sounds too good to be true. The truth is my experience has really been that pleasant and enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend (RMADT) to anyone searching for a Trained Adult Dog.

Amy Wilkins

Senator Stan Bingham
Sam, Level Three
Mia, Level Three
Skiff, Service Dog