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Senator Stan Bingham

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To whom it may concern:

Allen and Barbara Simpson of Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training, LLC have had a thriving business in the Denton, NC area for over 13 years. During this time, they have been innovators and leaders in developing new programs for dogs that benefit all levels of community, people and the dogs. Other than the usual services of a kennel such as boarding, grooming and training dogs both for police and private citizens, the Simpson’s have also created special programs. Early they started one of North Carolina’s first “Doggie Day Cares” to help socialize and exercise dogs for their owners. They created two volunteer programs; the first, “New Leash On Life” allows inmates to train rescued dogs from the Humane Society and other sources that are then adopted. The other, a “Dog Fun Fair” raises money for the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. They have also created another program ” Adult Trained Dogs For Sale” in which rescued dogs are trained in their obedience program and then sold to owners across the Nation. These programs, training rescued dogs, save the dogs and reduce the cost of maintaining the animal shelter. The Simpson’s have been a valuable asset to the community and because of their devotion to dogs, they have given dogs that would have been destroyed, a chance at a full life and given the inmates a feeling of worth.

Senator Stan Bingham

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