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  • Service Dog
  • Goldendoodle
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October 26, 2018
Dog Training & Match Making at it’s Best

I believe the story I am about to tell is important to anyone that is seriously looking for a service dog. There are many dog training schools, all well educated in the art of taking a misfit, rescue dog or even a thoroughbred breed to a high level of obedience. But what my wife and I discovered is that the mark of an extraordinary dog training school is not the dog training job, it is the Owner/ Trainer’s intuitive knowledge and experience to match the personality of the trained dog with the owner’s personality. This is where the magic happens!

My son, James, was in a car accident when he was 10 (he is now 29) with anoxic brain damage. James wanted a German Shepherd and we thought this would be the best breed to suit his needs. James, however, does not have an alpha personality and Rolling Meadows Academy tried to gently tell us that a German Shepherd would try and take control of his owner unless the owner was a “take charge and take control person”. Of course, we did not listen, so Barbara Simpson/ Owner and Trainer Rolling Meadows Academy did exactly what we asked and found James a beautiful female German Shepherd (Stella). It wasn’t too long before we discovered that no matter how well trained the German Shepherd was, she would learn quickly to take advantage of James whenever she could. James got frustrated and it became clear that Stella (although a magnificently smart and beautiful German Shepherd dog) was not the dog for James.

Without any hesitation and no, “I told you so moments”, Barbara Simpson, Rolling Meadow’s Owner/ Trainer told us that she would keep looking until she found the perfect match based on what she had learned about James’ personality. Barbara found a wonderful home for Stella, the and although It took awhile, one day Barbara called us to say that she had the perfect dog for James…a year and a half old, Golden Doodle male dog called Skiff. This dog was the absolutely perfect match for James…laid back, sweet, smart, patient and loyal. When the heart of an animal matches totally with the heart of his master, then wonderful things happen. My wife and I fell in love with Skiff too and we enjoyed keeping Skiff and taking him on long walks as much as James did. I found out very quickly just how loyal Skiff was to James one afternoon when I took hold of his leash. Even though I had control, Skiff pulled me over so that he could walk closely beside James.

Want just a trained dog… go to the internet and I am sure you will find a bunch of Dog Training Services; but if you want a professional service that is passionate about matching the heart and personality of the dog with the heart and personality of its owner, call Rolling Meadows Academy. You will not only find a great dog, but you will form a long lasting and personal friendship with the owner, a value-add benefit that will extend way beyond your business relationship.

Marty, David, James and Skiff Richardson
Charleston, SC

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