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Adri Casagrande, DVM

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Good afternoon,

Xena did very well for her exam today. No signs aggression. A touchy nervous to start. But was able to relax in the room.  Laying down while we talked about her new family’s goals. We even worked in some belly rubbings.
She is good health and spirits today!
Below are her exam notes as posted in her medical record.
Adopted from Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training LLC. Meet and greets went well. Here for evaluation. Up to date on DHPP and Rabies.  Spayed.
Questions about swimming and Lepto.
BAR,  inquisitive.  Heart and lungs auscultated normally. No murmurs or arrhythmia heard. Pulses SS. Abdominal palpation normal. soft and pain free. No ocular or nasal discharge. Mild dental tartar. Max PM 3. No gingivitis present. Skin is calm and coat appear in good condition. No evidence of external parasites.  All joints palpate normally. No back pain. No hip pain. Good ROM. Lymph nodes are soft small and symmetrical.
Apparently healthy
Xena looks great today! She was well behaved and accepting of contact and pets (even from a scary stranger such as my stethoscope and I)
Thank you for making Xena such a great GSD!
Adri Casagrande, DVM
Janette Alvarez, DVM
Will Basinger, DVM
Katie O’Hara, DVM
Sterling Sigmond, DVM