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Will Basinger, DVM

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Lacy, a Poodle Mix, was presented for a wellness exam today.  She is doing well, her activity and mobility are good. E/D normal. She is being delivered to her new home- trainer and new owner are here for exam
today, previous records were brought today.

Clinically healthy

Plan: Discussed PE findings and recommendations for continued preventative care at
home. Owners live near woods with deer and need tick prevention. Discussed
preventative (and year-round) options. Also discussed mild increase in risk for
mammary carcinoma given late spay but frequent monitoring will be
Reminders for preventatives and vaccines moving forward.

Will Basinger, DVM

Adri Casagrande, DVM
Janette Alvarez, DVM
Katie O’Hara, DVM
Sterling Sigmond, DVM