Adult Trained Dogs

Katie O’Hara, DVM

Adopt Now

Mr. and Mrs. Simpson,
I evaluated “Maggie”, a 3 year 4 month old,  female,  spayed Goldendoodle, today, who is being
adopted by the Cherny family.
Upon my examination, I found her to be apparently healthy, other than mild
dental disease (calculus). I found her to be of good body condition, good temperament
and free of ectoparasites. She was scanned and found to have a working microchip.
She was discharged with a 6 month supply of Heartgard and NexGard
preventives, each.

Please contact the clinic with any questions or concerns,
Katie O’Hara, DVM

Adri Casagrande, DVM
Janette Alvarez, DVM
Will Basinger, DVM
Sterling Sigmond, DVM