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Sterling Sigmond, DVM 

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Monty presents for initial exam – just got from: Rolling Meadows Academy of Dog Training- yesterday from NC – will be here for 6 weeks then will be going to Montana for 8 weeks with the family trip. Lives with no other pets, 5 children. Had a dog a few years ago, but without proper training was too difficult. Has had for 1 night. Introduce well into the family. No known phobias. No signs of allergies. Will be swimmer- has ear cleaner for maintenance to start in 1 week 

Had veterinary visit last week to prepare for travel.

Name Monty Species Canine Breed Labradoodle  

General Appearance: Bright, alert and responsive, good body condition, good disposition. Well mannered and calm for examination. After exam demonstrated sit, stay off lead with verbal commands in exam room amidst several people and distractions.  Prognosis: Good

Attending Veterinarian: Sterling Sigmond, DVM 

Adri Casagrande, DVM
Janette Alvarez, DVM
Will Basinger, DVM
Katie O’Hara, DVM