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Janette Alvarez, DVM

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Patient Report Card for Murph

Murphy had a physical exam done today. Since Murphy is a younger, healthy dog we will expect to see Murphy yearly for a physical exam. Murphy looked quite well on exam.

We did not perform any laboratory/blood work today:

We have formulated the following plan for Murphy:

  • Continue feeding as current. We will recheck his weight in 3 months. Decrease his food by a 1/2 cup per day IF you can no longer see that nice tuck behind his ribcage.
  •  He was 75 pounds today.

Congratulations! Murphy seems to be a really lovely fellow.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of Murphy’s care! 

Janette Alvarez, DVM

Adri Casagrande, DVM
Will Basinger, DVM
Katie O’Hara, DVM
Sterling Sigmond, DVM